Hi everyone!

CookiesMy name is Martina, I'm from Italy and my first World of Warcraft experience is to be found in 2011. My first character has been a priest and I was pretty noob in doing almost everything. I didn't know about doungeons, raids or addons. Nor I've figured out that I needed gems or enchants for my equipment... I was always like "Hey! Look at that cute little sheep near Goldshire! Awww, I'd like to have one as a companion...".
Well, I was having fun by myself, discovering everything about the game by questing and exploring Azeroth from Stormwind to Northrend, only worried about find the money to fly with my gryphon.

I was playing with my boyfriend and we always tried to improve our characters by ourselves. Because we were worried... almost afraid to find a guild. What kind of people could we have found? We didn't have much time, nor we wanted to spend our RL in anxiety because our guild want us to be more powerful, being online from xx am to xx pm... or just because some jerks was bothering us for how much noobs we were!

Someday, though, we have figured out that we needed some support to improve our beloved characters, because World of Warcraft is made for social groups, and we only knew about PvP (from our point of view, it was the easiest way to have a good equipment!).
So we tried... we took a look to the Guild Finder and there it was: the recruit announcement about Circle of the Moon. I don't know what pushed us more: the fact that only 18+ years members were allowed, or the friendly way in which the announcement was written, talking about they were a relaxed community...

But I know what push me everyday, from that day, to stay in the Circle of the Moon and being happy to be part of it: the family taste that I could breath from 2011 until today.
Can you imagine to work or study all day long and login in World of Warcraft feeling like coming home? Just close your eyes and remember the best things you lived when you was a child: your daddy teaching how to play, being kind and helping you rise up when you fall... your mommy preparing everything for your day... your brothers and sisters playing and fighting by your side... and your sweet granny, cooking some sweets to share by the fire.

In Circle of the Moon, I found everything I've described and now that I'm a Warden, I just want you to join our family and feel what I feel, because I know you can enjoy playing World of Warcraft this way. How couldn't you?

PS: Sorry for my English, but we are a multicultural community... everyone is welcome!
orchidee I love it Nimmy!! Keep it coming!
Jozula *hugs Nim*